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After his successful San Francisco solo show earlier this year, Meggs is returning to his home base of Collingwood with a follow up series ‘Truth in Myth II’ at Backwoods Gallery. The exhibition continues the artists long standing fascination with legend and mythology, drawing on contemporary pop culture to explore wider themes.

“We live in the stories we tell ourselves. In a secular, scientific rational culture lacking in any convincing spiritual leadership, superhero stories speak loudly and boldly to our greatest fears, deepest longings and highest aspirations… the best superhero stories deal directly with mythic elements of the human condition… they help us confront and resolve even the deepest existential crisis. We should listen to what they have to tell us.”

The exhibition opens Friday 19th of October and runs until the 28th at Backwoods Gallery. 25 Easey St Collingwood, Vic, 3066.