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Weekly updates

Krause Gallery will be presenting recent works of Brooklyn-based duo Sheryo and The Yok next Thursday in NYC. This is the duo’s first solo show in the United States since establishing the city as their primary residence last year. Vase4-1 The couple has been busy working on collaborative pieces that represent their shared life together – having recently travelled around the world painting over the last year. Many foreign influences have sprung up in this body of work. For example, in September last year, the pair were working in an ancient pottery village in Northern Vietnam painting tattoo flash sheets on porcelain vases for this upcoming show.

These fun filled hand-painted vases depict a narrative from their lives on the road. Fusing eastern influences with their new home, New York. Pipe Dreams will see the duo also creating hand painted ceramic plates, paper and also canvas works, along with limited edition one colour 25” x 19” high quality screen prints. If you’re in NYC, this is definitely one not to miss; this is just the start of what these heavyweights will be bringing us in the future.

Krause Gallery
149 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
Opens: May 16 – 7pm-9pm

Tom Groves