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Scott Marsh presents a body of work taking a nostalgic look back into the graffiti subculture which once consumed him – its obsessive relationship with rail networks, the spirit of exploration, revolt and freedom of expression in its purest form. In a time when being a graffiti artist has a become a marketable tagline for many artists, Marsh pays homage to the kids keeping it real, risking costly trips into the judicial system and possible jail time for no financial reward, just the thrill of the experience and admiration of their peers.

Second Life is a body of work celebrating the young renegades crawling around our subway tunnels putting colours on trains when the rest of us are snuggled up in bed catching Zs.

‘Second Life’ by Scott Marsh
Wed 24th July 2013
Opening starts at 6pm.
The Tate @ The Toxteth
345 Glebe Pt Rd,
Glebe, Sydney, 2037
Open until Sunday 28th July 12.oo pm – 5.00 pm