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First up, if you turn your nose up at juvenile humour and hate on Family Guy, you probably ain’t going to enjoy Ted, the directorial, big-screen debut by Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane. If, on the other hand, you have an awesome sense of humour like I do, this movie will make your ridiculously expensive movie ticket a lot easier to bear (no pun intended).

I love this film, it’s funny as shit! Mark Wahlberg does a great job in the lead role and Mila Kunis is cute as hell (her voice has become less annoying somehow), but the star of the show is of course Ted, voiced by MacFarlane who also wrote the script.

What would happen if a young boy’s wish that his teddy bear would come to life actually came true? That’s the basic gist of this film, however despite a fairytale beginning, whereby Ted fulfills a young John Bennett’s need for a best friend, once the movie skips to the present day, we find Ted grown-up and a lot less charming.

Still best friends, Ted and John (Wahlberg) are weed-smoking roommates with little direction or adult prospects. John’s relationship with his girlfriend Lori Collins (Kunis) is under threat due to the ever-present, socially reprehensible Ted. Torn between loyalty to his best friend and his relationship with Lori, John finally caves in to girlfriend pressure and asks Ted to move out. Ted’s continuing negative influence on John provides the majority of the gags in this film, but ultimately leads to serious girlfriend dramas with Lori and the inevitable falling-out between best buddies.

When Ted is kidnapped the movie gets a late adventure sub-plot, not that it needs it, this film rarely has a dull moment.

Drug references and sexual innuendo aplenty, this isn’t a flick for the kids despite its apparent cuteness. The CGI is sick, Ted looks about as real as a teddy bear could look and no doubt plenty of children who’ve peeped the preview are already curious, but this is definitely one for grown-ups who stray to the right of the humour line!

There’s even a cameo by Norah Jones whose sex-appeal went up in my books the moment she joined in with Ted’s dirty jokes.

Probably the leading contender for the funniest movie I’ve seen this year, then again I’ve been accused of having a sick sense of humour on more than one occasion.

Ted opens nationally (Australia) on 05 July 2012. Check your local guides for screening times.