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Despite the fact that neither Leo or Pharrell walked away with a golden man, this year’s Oscar’s pretty much ruled all. Ellen Degeneres hosted her ass off – handing out lottery scratchies to runners-up, ordering in pizza from an unsuspecting takeaway joint and coordinating the the selfie to end all selfies – in her second stint as MC for The Academy.

Even though some of our favourites lost out, there were a lot of popular choices on the winner’s podium, with Lupita Nyong’o and her 12 Years a Slave family clinching Best Supporting Actress and Best Film respectively, Spike Jonze’s Her for Best Original Screenplay and Gravity for basically everything else.

As always, these days things never really happened if they didn’t get turned into a GIF, so we bring you yet another round-up of some of the best GIFs (as well as some stills I couldn’t not include) to come out of the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. Check here for the full list of nominees and winners.

Here is the most re-tweeted group selfie ever.

And how it came to be.


Jennifer Lawrence trips again, this time on the red carpet. We think she might have a problem.


Pharrell wears shorts, while his wife Helen wears the pants.

Pharrell Williams (L) and Helen Lasichanh arrive on the red carp

If you’re going to do a cash collection, only use Pharrell’s hat.


Pharrell gets some good shimmies out of Lupita and Meryl.

pharrelllupita pharrellmeryl

Steve McQueen is pretty freakin’ happy for his film 12 Years A Slave.


Pizza arrives, Harrison Ford is like, “Alright.”


Benedict Cumberbatch wins every photobomb contest. Ever.