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It’s always a dangerous leap of faith to go from television series to feature length film. Despite the risks involved, cult show Entourage has committed to the difficult transition after wrapping up eight sidesplitting seasons in 2011. While diehard fans were left with a gaping hole in their hearts and a myriad of head-scratchers after the show ended, the movie makes a return to Los Angeles to provide a little closure and some chuckles along the way.

We headed to the Entourage screening in Sydney, hosted by boot connoisseurs Timberland. In the same way protagonist Vinnie started as an emerging Queens actor and ascended to Hollywood mega-star, Timberland has managed to transform their humble boot into a mainstream fashion staple. Now, suede and wheat have become global signifiers of style for all.

The cinema provided a little Hollywood glitz of its own, with celebrities and cocktails aplenty in the foyer. I spotted some members from the last season of My Kitchen Rules–I was tempted to ask them for a zesty lemon tart recipe, but managed to refrain. Gold Class luxury meant extra legroom for the taller folk and there were burgers swiftly delivered throughout the screening. We love burgers.

The film picks up where the series left off with Ari becoming a studio head. He’s in the midst of recruiting longtime colleague Vinnie who also seeks to make his directorial debut. As with most things in life, there are financial issues that lead to a maze of obstacles for Vinnie and his crew. Still, it’s appropriate that Jim Jones’ celebratory ballin’ anthem ‘We Fly High’ soundtracks a scene. There are more luxury vehicles, mansions and tailored suits than you can poke a stick at. Not to mention a soundtrack that, despite some patchiness, manages to deliver some pretty solid moments.

There are also minor roles and cameos from superbabes (Emily Ratajkowski), babes who could kick your ass (Ronda Rousey), and rappers (Pharrell, Kid Cudi, and a certain Atlanta trap legend who’s not Gucci Mane) to induce some squeals of excitement. Fans of the show will be pleased to know that there are still mental breakdowns and brutal one-liners from Ari as well as numerous facepalm-inducing moments courtesy of Johnny Drama.

My greatest memory of Entourage will always be my friends telling me I look like a skinnier version of Lloyd with Turtle’s wardrobe and Eric’s sneaker collection. All these years later, I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult. Watching Entourage just might be that final motivation you need to form a squadron and set your sights on Hollywood.

Words by Christopher Kevin

Entourage is in cinemas now

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