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Inspired by all things nostalgia, artist Adam Lister has replicated old-school video game aesthetics, transforming iconic images into cubic, 8-bit reconstructions.

“Having grown up with with a visual language rooted in Atari and Nintendo video games,” Lister said, “I’ve always connected with the minimal, block-like 8-bit depiction of form, space, and movement.”

Combining what he calls “the hard edge geometry of the 8-bit and the softness of the watercolor,” Lister’s methods are refreshing, as he traverses fond territories from his childhood, with images depicting such icons as The Godfather, Willy Wonka and Darth Vader. More modern transformations include Forrest Gump¬†and Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

Check out the rest of Lister’s cubic pieces in this gallery.

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