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For the past couple of days certain corners of the internet have been ablaze with the kind of hype that can only be invoked by one man. Yep, we’re in the middle of another Banksy media circus. The reclusive artist has just unveiled his latest project, a full size parody theme park called ‘Dismaland’ that’s opening tomorrow at Weston Super Mare in England. The space promises an alternative to the sanitised Disney experience, complete with ‘entry level anarchism’. Among the impressive list of artists involved we spotted a familiar name, well known graffiti provocateur Lush. We reached out to the celebrated ‘graffiti asshole’ to chat about his latest project.

Hey mate, so how did you get involved in this project?

A pact with the devil. Just gotta give up my firstborn and it’s square.

Who reached out to you?


How long has this project been in the works?

A very long time.

What kind of work did you create for the show?

I won’t spoil the suprise but I have two things outside and three inside.

The list of artists involved is pretty crazy, you seem to be one of the few graffiti writers on the lineup. Do you think there’s a move away from street art generally?

There are no graffiti or street art people involved really, maybe Espo, Escif and Paul insect/Bast, and Banksy obviously. But each of these artists kind of transcended the terms “graffiti” and “street art”. I would have to say that is the most flamboyant response to a question I’ve typed out in my lifetime haha, “transcended”.

As for the movement away from street art… When you close your eyes and think the words “street art” you would see garbage like Dface, Mr Brainwash and other plebs. No wonder no one wants to be associated with the term.

Street art is now “mural art”, “post graffiti” or “Urban art” and so on. Whatever term they can make up to try flog the same type of shit with a new brand name.

Is that a move that you’re making as well?

My work is now  part of the “I still write shit on walls but I need to pay my gas bill somehow art” movement.

It seems interesting that something curated by Banksy would steer clear of those genres.

If you can count out five street or graffiti artists on your right hand who would be worth curating right now I’d be impressed. Not to sound like a cunt but it’s all unoriginal boring shit for the most part. There’s a lot more contemporary artists doing killer shit then grubs with spraycans.

The only ones I could think of wouldn’t do it on principle or are already in it or have already moved on from the genres in question. For example Espo is in it and would have been the first name on my list.

Is the stuff in the show available for sale? Or is it all experiential?

No idea? Gift shop maybe? I’m sure if anything was for sale at the show there would be a Black Friday style situation. Hair weaves flying, people being trampled and so on.

So are you heading over for the opening?

In the wise words of the St. Albans philosopher Jisoe, “no comment”.

When you started your career writing your name on things did you expect to end up showing next to Damien Hirst?

Hirst is a sick cunt. To be honest I’m not surprised really, I think to those who wish aids upon me the news will come as quite a shock.

This show is going receive a LOT of attention, are you prepared to deal with the new audience that’s going to come with that?

My body is ready. So is my accountant.

Did you have any reservations about doing this show?

I thought it was a troll at first. After confirming I wasn’t having my leg pulled the first question was is it going to be some street art circus? When those two things were answered I was into it.

Does this mark your transition into the fine art world? Can we expect more gallery shows?

I may have something in the works for Melbourne. I may be just bullshitting and saying I have something but actually don’t so that I have some leeway to make something happen.

Seems like a good strategy.

Yes, because so far my intricately planned art career has worked a charm.

What else have you been working on?

A large body of work all year in preparation to ride this wave of hype all the way to the bank. Cowabunga dude.

Any last words?

Buy my work now before you can’t afford it suckers.

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