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Weekly updates

A few weeks ago Sofles and Selina Miles dropped a video called ‘Limitless’ and effectively sonned the entire internet graff world. With its breathtaking scale, technical precision, and just general all out insanity – it quickly spread across the web, racking up a phenomenal 2 million views in just 48 hours. We caught up with the artist who’s at the centre of project to talk about how it all came together. 

Hey mate, can you introduce yourself for us?

I write Sofles, I’m an artist from Brisbane, Australia

What have you been up to lately?

The last few moths have been a bit crazy with the Limitless project and organising an exhibition. I’ve been squeezing in some commission work with my bro Quench and trying to do some personal works in between. Selina Miles has been giving me a hand with re-launching my website, so I’ve been drawing lots and getting prints and t-shirts ready for that (sofles.com, check it out!)

Tell us about the production of Limitless?

After we completed Infinite we were a bit nervous whether our next video would be a flop or if we could even do something better, we sort of figured it had to be way better than the last one for people to want to watch it. So, after some discussion, we decided we needed to get a massive open building, have more paint, more characters (so the general public could relate) more artists, more time, more animation sections and faster movement. It was long days and lots of organisation to make it all happen, but it came together in the end.

You guys killed that space, how long did it take to film?

It was roughly 11 days (5 hours a day on average) of filming I think, Selina has another figure in her head, too many paint fumes for both of us I think. 5 hours a day doesn’t sound like much but it’s painting as fast as you can, and Selina had to make sure every movement and frame was spot on, so we were pretty destroyed after each day. Not to mention being covered in pigeon/rat shit dust.

You and Selina Miles have worked on a few projects together now right? What do you like about working with her?

We have been good mates for years now, she filmed and edited my first video and has helped me with a lot of technical stuff that I have no idea about. We have a lot of fun working together and haven’t killed each other yet so I guess that’s a good sign. We are both motivated to push the boundaries of painting and film, and hopefully show people something they haven’t seen before.

We’re you surprised by the reaction that the Limitless video has had? I heard it clocked more that 2 million views in 48 hours?

Yeah we were all really surprised, I was thinking “Fuck, we put so much work into this, if we can get a milli hits I’ll be soooo stoked” (I know that sounds stupid) but we got that in the first day, we were all happy people liked it.

What’s the response been like? Do you read the YouTube comments?

I’ve read some of the comments, pretty funny, it’s good to see people who aren’t involved in the graff scene watching it and putting in their 10 cents about how we are ruining the world. Generally we got a good response, but your gonna get hate what ever you do these days. I think it’s changed a few perspectives on graffiti being a negative thing, which is good.

As someone who’s held it down in all aspects of graffiti, how is being involved in a project that’s being so widely embraced by the public?

It’s good, my parents are happy I’m “doing something with my life” and I hope it opens people’s eyes and minds to the fact that graffiti is a strong art form and there is a lot of energy in it. I want to get rid of the stigma that any art done with a spray can is bad or juvenile.

Do you think the public’s perception of graffiti is changing, or is still the same old ‘I like the colourful stuff’ attitude?

Slowly yes, but it’s going the other way also, the graffiti laws are getting much worse to point of being ridiculous. So it’s like a big rubber band being pulled from both sides. People are always going to hate the tags and slowly be more accepting to the “colorful stuff”

So first it was Infinite, then Limitless, so what’s next? How are you going to top this latest effort?

One of my mates suggested “Infinitless”… I have a few ideas and I know Selina’s mind is already ticking. I’ve promised myself already that we will take it further and be more technical. I think we are going to do some smaller/easier projects before we start another timelapse project. So I guess it will be at least a year before the next one.