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Prolific (and Drake certified) artist James Turrell is creating a huge new light installation to be permanently based in Australia. As a part of QAGOMA’s 10th birthday, the Brisbane based gallery commissioned Turrell to create a new work on the building’s facade. From this December the installation will light up at dusk with a custom colour palette designed by the artist for the location.

The Brisbane installation will make Turrell’s third permanent work in Australia. Currently there are only two other Turrell pieces in the country, the first at MONA in Hobart, and the other at the NGA in Canberra.

For over 50 years James Turrell has been working with space and light to create immersive artworks that see visitors flock to them. Understandable when you realise the man’s been making extremely grammable work since before the gram was even a thing.

Weekly updates