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Where’s the weirdest place you’ve seen a pizza? Was it on TV while watching The Oscars? Or was it a fallen slice on the side of the street?

No matter where, prepare your eyes to see pizza in even more compromising scenes than before. Los Angeles-based photographer, Jonpaul Douglass, has created a series called ‘Pizza in the Wild‘. In his photographic series, Douglass shows us whole pizzas on street signs, Shetland ponies, basketball hoops and being sad on the side of the street.

Inspired by graffiti he’d seen of pizza in his neighbourhood, Douglass would “pick up two pizzas and then after I run around town photographing them I will put them in my fridge in case I get another opportunity”. Have a look at some pepperoni rounds of perfection doing their thing in the photos above.

Rushani Epa