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After experimenting with new ways of causing damage on a grand scale for over 20 years, you’d expect prominent New York bomber Katsu to be running out of ideas by now. Not a chance. While proving the concept that a drone could be modified to operate a spray can while flying back in April last year, he was yet to use it for what he was best known for (fucking shit up) until last week. The target, a massive Calvin Klein advertisement featuring Kendall Jenner in central Manhattan, was trashed with red spray paint by the nimble drone in a matter of minutes.

While you might love or hate the actions of the BTM crew member one thing is certain, this proof of concept – that there is a actual ability to combine technological developments and the application of medium on surface, is sure to open the possibilities to graffiti writers everywhere. Maybe the future of graffiti will not even require the artist to leave home. Watch the video of the drone attack in the gallery above.


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