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Weekly updates

One of Melbourne’s most loved artists needs no introduction at all…his work may be a familiar part of Melbourne’s cityscape, but the man himself is quickly becoming an icon in his own right…

If you’re familiar with Melbourne’s public art, you’re probably aware of the work of the Malaysian-born-and-raised, recently Aussie PR’d, Drewfunk, whose work can be seen all over the streets of this city, from the walls of Section 8 to the interiors of offices, gyms, cafes, even a chiro clinic in a far-flung corner of suburbia. Here, Drewfunk lets us in on his workspace and shows us what gets up on his inspiration wall…

1. Flyers – past & present exhibitions & friends.

2. Pictures of walls

3. Minor inspiration visuals

4. Colours

5. Poster designs

6. Transparencies