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Weekly updates

In our new column, Off The Wall, we invade the homes/studios of arty types and make them tell us what gets up in their own creative spaces. First up is EKTA, artist and all-round nice guy hailing from Goteburg, Sweden…

From mixed media collage to 36m high wall murals to mindboggling geometric paintings, Swedish artist, EKTA, is one of those multidisciplinary dudes whose range knows no limitations. And, looking at his wall, you get a sense that his inspiration is also limitless. He kindly gave us a little peek at what he looks at every single day, and what makes him tick. Thanks, EKTA!

1. Charms / acrylic paint on paper

2. Payment plan from the tax office

3. Poster from a gig in 2010 at ORO (where I have my studio)

4. Flyer for a group exhibition I was in 2011

5. Flyer for my solo-show at Trollhättans konsthall 2011

6. Sketch for my current project, 5-metre-tall figure cut mdf figures for a library

7. Jean Dubuffet postcard

8. Miro postcard

9. Photo of a wall I painted in 2010

10. Photo of a wall I painted in 2008 with my friend Henrik Bromander

ekta.nu | flickr | ACCLAIMmag.com interview