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Weekly updates

When Mexican illustrator, Jilipollo, sat down for an interview with us recently, he also very kindly showed us what gets up on his studio wall. You know those people who always say they want a jacuzzi in their office? Pollo’s that guy…

1. Mr. T poster I’m planning on having as much bling-bling stuff as him, but different to his, I’m only collecting original jewels. 2. Working material In this case, my watercolours. 3. My “Malverde saint” beer Even though I don’t drink, he always watches over me. 4. “Chamuco” (devil) chile powder This is for my Almas caviar meals and my Grand Opulence Sundaes. 5. “100 Dessous” Edit. Taschen. Inspirational stuff for my Illustrations. 6. A cute piggy money-saver. I really don’t save my money inside this little friend. It’d be awful to break it when it’s full. Obviously, I save my money in my personal bank account in Switzerland. 7. Maneki Neko (Fortune cat). Without this mate, I wouldn’t have had my current fortune nowadays. Thanks kittie! 8. “Santa Muerte” (Saint Death). Essential figure in every Mexican’s house. 9. Jacuzzi. The best place to work while you take a nice hydro-massage. 10. Cockroach. My servant didn’t work today. Sorry.

Pollo’s got a blog and website. Go see more of him.