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Parking inspectors. It’s now clear to me that even if you’re on the other side of the globe, they all have one very common trait–they’re all grumpy assholes.

You may or may not know the work of veteran Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, whether you recognise the name or not, you’ve probably seen at least one sculpture out of a series I could only call ‘deformed and whacked out iconic cars’. For example, an old Benz truck warped backwards up a wall in Germany. I find the simple fact that he somehow manages to stretch these huge chunks of metal into ridiculously exaggerated shapes incredibly cool.

But I guess some people will never appreciate art. Like this parking inspector in Germany who decided it would be a good idea to gift the truck with a beautiful parking ticket. This is art Mr. Inspector, this is not just a parked car. Weather it was for humour or not, it’s still not funny, because it was laid by the hand of a parking inspector, and no one likes parking inspectors so just stop it. Check out the images in the gallery above

Jarman Cutrona

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