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Weekly updates

In our second instalment of ‘Postcards‘ we catch up with Nic Gossage, a young photographer who’s just made it back to Australia after a whirlwind tour of Canada and the US. Nic has the perfect eye for catching moments of stillness in otherwise chaotic circumstances. When you’re looking at his tranquil images of a Bronx train yard it’s hard to imagine that he spent nearly a day in jail shortly after taking the snap.

As he explains in his own words “Earlier this year I journeyed from Australia to California and up the north-west side of America into Canada. Then leaving from Canada to New York. I was photographing along train tracks, subways, planes and helicopters. Being as vigilant as I could be, not going a day without shooting for 6 weeks. Anything and everything was catching my eyes in this new environment.”

Nic Gossage

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