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After one season in Hong Kong and four editions in Hawaii, international street art festival, POW! WOW!, journeyed back to Asia for their first ever event to take place in Taiwan. Taking place from May 28 – June 3rd, Pow! Wow! Taiwan saw a group of artists comprised of both Taiwanese and international talent take over the walls and found spaces of Taipei. The Taipei Zoo, Tungnan University, Songshan Cultural Park, Tatung University and Ximen were just some of the spaces which got transformed by the group of world class artists.

The roll-call of talent included favourites like James Jean, Aaron De La Cruz, INSA, Madsteez, Apex, Rone, Sheryo, Yok, Woes, Skewville and Brendan Monroe, who painted alongside the likes of burgeoning Taiwanese talents like Reach, Mr. Ogay, Colasa Seazk, Saym Dabs, Bobo and more. The crew braved both thunderstorms and debilitating heat to complete the murals and from the gallery above, you’ll see that all efforts were well worth it. The city was literally transformed through the event, and no doubt the artists were also. Take a look at the gallery to see what you missed and stay tuned to the Pow! Wow! website as who knows where the festival will turn up next.