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Los Angeles street photographer PrettyPuke‘s online persona is shaped by images of surrealist American excess framed by a vibrant, sparkling aesthetic. When you make grimly iconic art like he does, you can’t just clock in a 9 to 5 work schedule and eat, drink and breathe in a plebeian manner on the side. Oh no, your whole routine has to be moulded by your craft. It’s unsurprising then that emerging Instagram beenhungry, a one-day-old foodporn blog, is the brainchild of yung Puke himself.

The insta has so far featured some all-star dinner time favourites like the chocolate hot dog, McDonalds meal pizza, fried macaroni double cheeseburger and the noodle sandwich (something that I’ve been eating for years, much to the derision of my peers). Not so common however is the fabled baby pig donut, a uniquely textured delicacy that was originally on Krispy Kreme’s secret menu until demand outweighed their weekly fetal pig shipments and they had to shut the mess down. Where PrettyPuke plans on going with this project is unclear but as long as we get to ogle at ridiculous food (and the occasional slice of plain burnt toast), who really cares? Check out some of our choice picks above.


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