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Weekly updates

Created by Japanese toymaker idk – that’s his name, as in, idk what this meme means and the internet is getting too much to handle – Sad Keanu is an itty bitty toy with a whole lot of emotions. He was born into this cruel world via the black magic of 3D printers and he’s just not having any of it. Hanging with anime characters doesn’t help his pain, nor does feeding chickens at the park. Apparently he missed out on a cameo role in Toy Story 3 and hasn’t been the same since. All hope is lost.

If you want your own Sad Keanu doll, you can grab one here from Shapeways for $45. Actually now that I think of it he kind of looks like me on a Monday morning. On every morning. Always. GPOY. I’m getting one.

Alternatively, if this story is getting you too emotional for you here’s a free picture of Happy Keanu to lighten the tone:


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