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Weekly updates

Dread Pirate Roberts is back. The drug dealing anonymity juggernaut was powered down by the FBI at the start of October but it’s only been a month since another site under the same moniker has pheonix’d from the ashes.

The new DPR has taken his predecessors name, website, and Twitter handle. He’s surprisingly vocal and comes across kind of like the Batman of Silk Road in a post on the site:

“Silk Road is not one man. Silk Road is an idea, and where Silk Road now lies is in the people who made it what it was and it is those people who will, with a little help, bring the idea back to life again under a new name.”

Going on to say:

“Silk Road while under my watch will never harm a soul. If we did, then we are no better than the thugs on the street.”

He’s even banned child porn and putting out hits. What a great guy.

Accessible through deep web browser Tor and looking exactly the same as the old site, SR2 was scheduled to go live at 4.20 pm, November 5, ie the day of Anonymous likeness Guy Fawkes, and is live now for snoochie boochies.

Viva la revoluciòn!

Robert Brown

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