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Takashi Murakami pays homage to ‘I Love It’

The Japanese contemporary artist describes it as 'ego sashimi'.

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Just in time for Halloween, Takashi Murakami has paid humble cosplay tribute to Kanye West and Lil Pump. The Japanese contemporary artist took to Instagram to praise the pair’s ‘I Love It’ video, describing the clip as ‘ego sashimi’. The artist’s blocky polo was decked in his signature flower graphic, and his gold chain read ‘HIROPON’ (the title of a 2001 Murakami sculpture).

The Spike Jonze-directed clip premiered at the inaugural PornHub Awards, which Kanye led as creative director. Takashi likened the video to “getting served a raw, contemporary human being, delivered straight to you via YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.” Revisit ‘I Love It’ below, and see Murakami’s post here.

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