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Prolific Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami has released new artwork for the upcoming instalment in Toho’s ongoing Godzilla film series, Godzilla Resurgence. The visual is vintage Murakami in all of its extravagant colour and psychedelic grandiosity. But there’s one small factor that is most eye-catching about this piece; it depicts the legendary kaiju doing battle with an Evangelion Mecha.

If you think this is too good to be true then, sorry Evageeks, but it is. The poster was originally circulated as an April Fool’s joke on both the official Godzilla and Evangelion websites as Murakami’s own cheeky nod to one of the co-directors of Godzilla Resurgence, Hideaki Anno, who is also the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Even if you’re bummed about what could’ve been, you still have to appreciate this dazzling artwork and Murakami’s signature flamboyant visual take on the traditional monster-mecha battle.

To see more of Murakami’s brilliant artwork, visit his Ocula profile here.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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