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Weekly updates

Kiwi boys, Adrian Vercoe and Jake Mein come together to bring you Seconds, a zine about all things to do with skateboarding. This indie, advert-free zine started when they felt they needed a well deserved home for all the high quality content they had piling up.

With their fifth issue just about to drop, the boys gave ACCLAIM a sneak peak into what to expect from it. Their biggest issue to date features an array of Kiwi and Aussie skaters including a interview with Nick Boserio and the man behind Passport Skateboards, Trent Evans. It also features a 36-page gallery from the likes of Harry Culy, Thomas Robinson, Andrew Peters and many more. Each copy also comes with a one-off sticker print from Trent Evans.

With a limited print run of only 150 hand-numbered and stamped copies, going for $10 each. Help yourself to Seconds here.