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Victorian man Michael Baxter has officially been recognised by Guinness World Records for having the most tattoos of characters from a single animated series. And his animated series of choice? The Simpsons, of course. The 52-year-old has spent over 130 hours, and thousands of dollars, to get the 203 images inked on his body. And if you thought that was tough, to be recognised by Guinness, all the tattoos had to show that characters as they appear in the animated series and he had to provide details of the episode in which each character appeared—talk about high maintenance. The tatts were completed by Jade Baxter Smith of Twisted By Design Tattoo in Bacchus Marsh and took a year to finish. Take a look at the incredibly detailed back piece in the gallery above.

[Images: Jade Baxter Smith/Twisted By Design Tattoo]

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