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Broken into five parts, the poignant doco-series examines Miriam Weeks’ decision to enter pornography, her Duke peers’ reaction following her mainstream discovery and her rise to internet fame.

We follow Weeks (AKA Belle Knox) as she builds a name for herself in the porn industry, reflecting as she labours to come to terms with her situation. In part one, Weeks explains that she entered porn after facing crippling student fees and she discusses the largely negative/misogynistic reaction on campus following her discovery online. In part three, Weeks goes on to explain a history of self-harm and sexual abuse. She says, “I’m a pornstar, ex-cutter, rape-victim” and that, “making it [self-harm] worse, was even better for me”. Part five is truly heartbreaking, as Weeks states, “a lot of shit in my life has been ruined because of sex”. She goes on to explain how her many of her friends and family members want nothing to do with her and that sex means something completely different now.

Watch part one above and find the whole series at The Scene.