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To say that Lush is a divisive figure in graffiti is an understatement. The guy revels in the contradictions, hypocrisies, and inconsistencies of modern graffiti – playing with the outmoded ideas of authenticity in some kind of post-modern street culture pastiche. I’ve tried to make sense of it before, and I’m still not convinced that I’m anywhere near close to figuring out exactly what Lush stands for – if anything.

There’s one thing that gets lost in a lot of discussion about Lush though, is the fact that he’s UP. Everyone seems to have an opinion on his internet presence, or attitude to commercial work, but it’s rarely acknowledged that he consistently saturates cities with his name. To that end, it’s nice to see the guys from Tags & Throws put out this 8 minute documentation of Lush getting loose in the streets of Copenhagen. Filmed over two days and nights, it’s a serious record of destruction. Don’t expect crystal clear insights into what makes Lush tick, but prepare for plenty of action. What else do you want from a graffiti video?