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It’s hard to picture Pharrell Williams, the subject of many unhealthy fanboy obsessions, being in awe of anyone. Fortunately, we don’t have to use too much of our imagination because he recently secured a sit down conversation with one of his idols, Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek and Dr. Spock fame, for his web series ARTST TLK.

Exploring Nimoy’s personal influences on the character of Spock and, of course, how that, in turn, influenced Pharrell with Star Trak, he divulges some profound backstories behind the Star Trek journey. We also get an intimate look at Nimoy’s life outside of acting – he is an accomplished photographer, as well as an experienced author. For once, the conversation is 100 per cent focused on the subject, with not a single naked female water-bearer in sight. A must-watch for all creatives.

Check out the full, eye-opening interview above.