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WYD: Art hot spots from your local hustlers, March 29

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Whether you’ve listened to More Life yet or you are depriving your ear buds of champagnepapi’s glory, the ethos of the playlist is one worth adopting. The expression ‘more life, more strength,’ is a Jamaican slang expression to “wish someone well”, brought to the mainstream by big dancehall names like Vybz KartelIn his Nardwuar interview, Drake noted Kartel as one of his “biggest inspirations”. I could go on for hours about the nugs of wisdom to be taken from such a mentality—more music, more art, more friends, more family, more life—but right now, I’ll just focus on the more art part. So without further ado, peep your list of local art hot spots from some creatives who are heavy on the grind below.

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. EGYBOY x Butter Pop Up Store - Sydney

Okay, this one is looking huge so let’s just break this down in a hot minute.

Butter is the hybrid fried chicken and champagne bar with a side of sneakers. No, seriously. All three of the best things, in one place. If you haven’t heard of it yet then now is the perfect time to get acquainted with the dream combo store that is quickly becoming known as one of Sydney’s hot spots—which this week is launching a three-night pop-up store with EGYBOY.

Iconic to say the least, the boy puts a monochromatic block colour twist on cultural icons for a line of clothes that speaks to the people. Customers coming through will have the chance to cop a range of art and apparel, as well as one-off customised sneakers. We’re just scraping the surface with this write up as the event is looking huge so be sure to suss out the Facebook event here, and take a look at more of Butter’s exclusive range here.

02. Chinese Contemporary Ink | Masterpieces of Qishe Ya-ji - Sydney

Sydney’s 541 Art Space’s latest collaborative project is one that speaks volumes for international relations. Bringing together eight of China’s “most notable contemporary ink artists,” Chinese Contemporary Ink | Masterpieces of Qishe Ya-ji puts the masters of ink work in the spotlight. With an ethos set in promoting artistic and cultural discourse between Australia and China, the show serves to build on the existing artistic community and solidifies Chinese artists’ place here. With works inspired by traditional ink paintings, the pieces carry a unique flair that is indicative of the layers of history in the work and the depth of understanding these artists have of their practice.

With such a multitude of works in Australia that copy such styles or misinterpret them, there’s nothing better than giving these artists the space to share their work as they chose rather than having it appropriated, so be sure to take a look at the event on this one.

03. ShitGardens pop up - North Melbourne

Green thumbs rejoice—it’s the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show this week. In celebration, the crew behind ‘ShitGardens’ have linked up with Lulu Café & Gallery to put on a special show for the occasion. With a pop-up bar and a selection of original works teamed with a curation of Instagram submissions, the ‘garden-esque tapas’ is sure to be a hit.

Proceeds from the event are going to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, so there’s plenty of reasons to get down and celebrate some low-quality fauna and flora with some high-quality people. Take a look at the event here, and you can suss the glory of ShitGardens here.

Hey guys, just a reminder that our exhibition is this Friday! …another reason to smile ?

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04. Life Ruined My Graffiti - Brisbane

The Culprit Club’s latest showcase puts prolific writer IROK in the spotlight like never before. ‘Life Ruined My Graffiti’ stands as an exploration of the clash between familial life and the subway underground paradise many writers forge for themselves. Touching on the challenges of the demanded transition that comes from having a kid, the pain and pleasure found in a double lifestyle results in some pretty impressive work, to say the least.

“These paintings are a piece of me, they represent choosing life over the blissful ignorance of my graffiti, and how safe from the real world I had been. This is my life, and it ruined my graffiti.“

A series of paintings and pose will bring these themes and ideas into one cohesive flow that typical of IROK’s finesse. Be sure the suss the Facebook event here for the full scoop.

05. WURC Store - Melbourne

Ruler Wurc has been at the forefront of Melbourne’s streetwear sole since it’s inception. For the people, by the people, this is a brand that has been popping in your local area and it’s with a huge amount of pride that we bring to you the details for the grand opening of the official WURC Store.

Straight up, this is so fucking exciting. Okay, let’s get to the particulars. A crisp new line of limited edition tees and hoodies will be accompanied by a range of goods to commemorate the opening of the multipurpose retail store. Set to forge a base for Melbourne creatives and the broader art community, the store will allow for a range of brands, publications, homewares and collaborative projects to settle under one roof. Doubling as an exhibition space, Working Class Secret Services have seriously gone above and beyond on this bad boy so be sure to suss the Facebook event here. Appropriately posted in Literature Lane, this one is sure to be l i t.