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WYD: This week’s line up of fire art exhibitions, February 16

Events that will add some spice to your week

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Weekly updates

Every week, we aim to bring you a couple exhibitions around the block to break up your routine. Yep, art is like Sriracha in the pho of life. Sure, you can have pho without adding hot sauce but we all know that is the Vietnamese equivalent of playing yourself.

If you kept up with us last week, you would have seen the Festival Of The Photocopier was featured. This was definitely one of those events that showed off how extensive the host of talent is in Melbourne. To see over 100 stalls all shine with individuality had me choking up, as though someone had tipped a whole bowl of chilli in my mixed veggie pho—and I was more than happy with the amount of spice. So without further ado, please enjoy our menu of spicy events this week.

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. The Sweet Life Tattoo Art Show - Northcote

The team at The Sweet Life Tattoo Shop in Northcote are bringing their work out of the studio and into the café.

Their friends at Kau Café will have works by local artists Jarrad Serafino, Sal Sciutto, Nick Crampton, Dan Aranda, and Ryan Anderson up for display. Additionally, there will be a heap of prints for sale alongside this range of original paintings. It’s a great opportunity to see a collection of their 2017 work in the flesh, rather than just lurking their Instagram feeds, so be sure to suss the Facebook event for full details.

02. Primary Arcade Exhibition - Collingwood

Primary Arcade is a home base for artists to share ideas and concepts, opening up a range of opportunities for creatives to link up and celebrate each other’s work. Operating out of Brisbane, the team have teamed up with some Melbourne buds to put on a show.

This week, Budd Street Gallery are set to host Primary Arcade’s first group exhibition, with 11 members of the team bringing their pieces interstate. Curated by Taryn Culbert, the gallery’s director, and the founder of Primary Arcade Monica Balaz, the night will be helped along with tunes from Gan Well as well. Be sure to head over to the Facebook event for the full scoop!


03. Heliotrope - Melbourne

The latest exhibition by Leslie Eastman is seriously lit. Focusing in on the way light is presented in metaphors and our relationship with this untouchable, Eastman consequently explores the way the world sees itself.

Wielding a camera obscura, Eastman has created pieces that hone in on the naturally occurring beauty and its spatial relations. One of the nifty parts of this whole exhibition is that it runs in concurrence with The Illuminated Field, another of her exposés which is currently being featured at the Islamic Museum of Australia. This allows for a ‘call and response’ relationship between the two shows where there is an ongoing exchange. We can’t wait to see how it all works out, so be sure to head over to the Facebook event for the full wrap up of the event.

04. Fresh! - Melbourne

Craft’s annual Fresh! exhibition brings a new wave of Victorian artists together for a show that boasts creativity and skill across a range of mediums. The team at Craft have spent weeks attending the graduation exhibitions of over 30 departments in the state, and have selected 11 artists to feature.

It’s always a good time when you’re celebrating the up and comers, so be sure to check out the Facebook event for the details on the opening night. If you can’t make the opening, don’t fret as the show will run until the end of next month so either way, just try not to sleep on this one.

05. Sketch Club - Sydney

Welcoming everyone from beginners to the advanced, Sketch Club is hosted by at Sydney’s Space to allow all to let their inner Bob Ross out. Yep, this week’s theme is ‘PAINT’, with a body model as a canvas. This will allow ideas from the human form to flow into your art, and we think it’s a great way to get some colour into your week.

And it’s BYO. Need we say more? Check out the Facebook event for the rest of the details.