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The past 12 months have certainly provided Khloe Kardashian with a lot of memorable moments, for better or worse. From dealing with very close, personal conflicts, to gracing many a magazine title, penning best-selling books, and (briefly) hosting her own talk show, ‘KoKo’ has run the gamut of life experiences and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down any time soon. Despite all the ups and downs, Khloe has always exerted her powerful positivity and self-confidence, if only to motivate herself to continue her upward trajectory, and we have to admit, her unapologetic attitude is pretty contagious. As she celebrates her 32nd birthday, we take a quick scroll through her Instagram feed to highlight some of her most fierce posts over the past year.


Feeling some type of way with this short hair ? I love my glam genies @jenatkinhair and @styledbyhrush

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Post-glam squad, feeling herself


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Looking svelte and serene in LA


When in Vegas wear latex according to @monicarosestyle!! Monie, I love you! Sorry I wore white shoes Monica! lol ?

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That dress. What happens in Vegas… ends up on Instagram eventually. Celebrating Scott Dissick’s birthday earlier this year.



Pablo was here! Cuba ??

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Sisters’ doing the most. When in Cuba…


Good morning ☕️

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Khloe’s version of a wake-up call.


Putting in #werk with big sis Kourtney.


Yeezy Season 3

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Who could forget this Season 3 moment?


Trade Marked ™

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A quick poolside shoot, Kardashian style


Belfies with fellow reality TV stalwart, Andy Cohen