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Club Guide: 5 Parties You Need to Check Out Across Australia in 2023

If you’re looking to tap into a unique dancefloor experience where the DJs know exactly what to spin, look no further. We’ve gathered a list of 5 of the best parties from across the nation with community, creativity and excellent vibes at their core.

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After the pandemic shook our entertainment and live music scene, 2022 felt like the dawn of a new era, revitalising our club scenes and perhaps our approach to partying, too. As 2023 rolls in the future is already looking promising, with countless exciting crews, collectives and communities providing spaces for self-expression. As a new generation begins to shape the way we rave in 2023, we wanted to offer a quick guide to some of the most exciting parties and crews emerging from around the country, with an honourable mention of some of those who have triumphed through the uncertainty. Here are our picks of 5 parties across the nation that you need to check out in 2023.

01. DUTTY (Melbourne)

Centring a homegrown ballroom and queer scene whilst creating unique events that aim to strengthen community, Dutty hosts parties that restore freedom to Naarm’s club scene. Their motto of ‘For Us, By Us’, is a clear indication of Dutty’s intentions, holding space for First Nations and QTIPOC+ folks foremost through a ticketed tier system that ensures that these communities are prioritised. Dutty’s music curation comes from the very soul of co-founders Mirasia and C.FRIM, who enlist ferocious selectors like Stev Zar, Eora’s Kilimi, Ayebatonye and international counterparts like Aotearoa’s Half Queen and Lady Shaka, and New Jersey’s UNIIQU3 to name a few. Dutty hosts club nights and holds a series of ballroom events stemming from the subculture founded in New York City by Black and Latin communities. As such, Dutty’s purpose is wholly to curate spaces for communities to thrive safely and free of prejudice. Having kickstarted their events in 2021, Dutty has hosted stacks of successful parties to date, making it a space to keep on your radar in 2023 for QTIPOC+ and Bla(c)k folk alike.

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Seeking out only the dirtiest and darkest realms of electronic music is Brisbane collective, Cyber. Aiming to create an immersive and gritty club experience right in Fortitude Valley, Cyber is not for the faint hearted, making it a sanctuary that calls out to seasoned partygoers ready to embrace the vibrations til the early hours of the morning. Catering to all music and dance lovers since its first event in 2019, CYBER has been able to cultivate a strong community foundation that passes the borders of Brisbane. Having hosted names like SkinOnSkin and HAAi, regular DJ’s Mutant Joe and Cowboy Slip are also known for filling the room with cuts of techno, electro, and unorthodox soundscapes unknown to the usual club speakers you’ll hear in Brisbane. Their parties are chaos-fuelled, eclectic, and are carving out a new scene in Brisbane with underground warehouse events playing electronic deep cuts of electronic music. They’ve since hosted international acts like Norway’s Sansibar and London’s SALUTE helping to strengthen the CYBER brand in recent years. If you’re in Brisbane and need something that’ll shake you up, CYBER is the place for you.

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Bridging Sydney club culture to the West, in the form of sweat-drenched Boiler Room style DJ sets, comes Western Sydney’s Hotter Out West. Since its inception in September 2022, Hotter Out West has been able to confidently solidify itself as a homegrown entity that holds the buzzing music culture of Western Sydney at heart. With reference to early 2000s Australiana, the influential electronic scene in the UK, and the impact of hip-hop subcultures in America, Hotter Out West’s sound providers aim to give you a taste of the varying music that has very well shaped the community and culture in Western Sydney. Their first 3 parties have taken place in a known community studio space in the suburb of Glendenning, forcing partygoers and participants from all over the city to delve deep into the area if they wish to witness the birthplace of one of Western Sydney’s first receptive and open club safe spaces. The regular lineup of selectors includes one of the minds behind it all, Sydney DJ and producer SOLLYY, and in-house names JJJason, SHZAR, Baschoe and Chico. With their events selling out well ahead of time, Hotter Out West has already garnered a cult following and is already looking to become an even larger outfit by the end of 2023.

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Rising up from Melbourne’s South-East is the community-led organisation RIDDIM. Having recognised the limited spaces available for those wanting to explore diverse music from around the world, RIDDIM was soon birthed into the Melbourne party space with the set goal to empower the youth, create opportunities for creative expression, and offer up a refreshing and tasteful alternative to the traditional Australian clubbing and party scene. As such, RIDDIM has put on a number of successful events and parties that highlight the sounds of hip hop, R&B, and afrobeats, fusing 2000s nostalgia with the hype of a contemporary buzzing club scene in Melbourne. Previously bringing their parties to other parts of Australia, from Adelaide to Brisbane, and Sydney, it’s true that the RIDDIM takeover is well and truly justified. Bringing you the sounds usually are in-house DJs Mekonnen, Meron, and Olivier, with additions like Sana and Alexandre having spun on the RIDDIM decks in the past. RIDDIM has easily cemented itself as the place to be, and we’re eager to fill the dancefloors in 2023.

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Bringing the best in Bla(c)k music to Perth is Ndawonye. Ndawonye hosts parties that are known to celebrate community, togetherness, and above all, the beauty of Bla(c)k music. You can find DJs like JUNIOR, Anesu, and Sara T spinning tracks of amapiano, deep house, dance, soul, and afrobeat, all while in the company of a loving community that has come together to appreciate the lengths of all forms of Bla(c)k music. Ndawonye aims to connect people from all walks of life to enjoy and celebrate each other’s differences, adding smooth sounds to complement the party experiences. It’s an invigorating space that honours inclusivity and showcases emerging First Nations and POC talent. Having hosted Naarm DJs Mirasia, C.FRIM and Afrodisiac in the past, Ndawonye aims to bridge the gap between Perth and the rest of Australia, pushing past geographical boundaries to salute the best music around.

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