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6 things we learned from Tommy Chong’s Reddit AMA

One half of Cheech & Chong hosted a very blazed Q&A

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Tommy Chong, of celebrated comedy duo Cheech & Chong and arguably one of the most famous stoners in the world, took to the online world of Reddit to answer a few questions from his fans. Actually, he answered a shit tonne of questions and went back and forth with heaps of Redditors who participated in last week’s AMA. The 77-year-old actor has definitely seen some shit in his time, and his stories, especially from his prime Cheech & Chong days, are expectedly sensational and he shares episodes from his many famous relationships throughout the marathon thread. People obviously had a lot to ask about weed (because why wouldn’t you?) and, at one point, Tommy just commentates what he’s watching on ESPN; “How about that Ronda Rousey…Man… She got whipped.” We chose our six favourite responses, which you can read in the gallery above, but if you find some chill time, the whole AMA is definitely worth a read.

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