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Sydney’s Creative Scene Takes Center Stage in New Series ‘Westerners’

A fresh comedy-drama series, 'Westerners' delves into the lives of young Sydneysiders caught between their multicultural backgrounds and Australian identity.

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A bold new series that intertwines the essence of multicultural Australia with the surreal, Westerners takes viewers on a unique journey through the eyes of diaspora youth navigating their identities amidst the diverse landscape of Sydney. Created by Munasib Hamid alongside her team of Kevin Duo Han, Miski Omar, and Shehryar Hussain in collaboration with ABC & Screen Australia, this three-episode miniseries dives deep into the lives of three young Sydneysiders, each grappling with the complexities of cultural heritage and personal expression in a predominantly white Australian context.

Westerners not only showcases the nuanced struggles of young people from diverse backgrounds but also celebrates the vibrancy they bring to the Australian creative scene, presenting a selection of stories that resonate with many Australians. From the Cantonese-Australian visual artist Jackie, who seeks to find her voice through art despite her mother’s reservations, to Tasneem, an aspiring Bangladeshi-Australian fashion designer grappling with her Western Sydney roots and her professional aspirations, and Abdullah, a Lebanese-Australian who contemplates the traditional expectations of marriage.

Behind the scenes, the series is infused with Sydney’s artistic community, featuring contributions from local talents, including comedians, rappers, filmmakers, and DJs. With original music from producer/DJ Moktar, rappers IJALE and Manu Crooks, Bengali singer/producer Dameer, and Nerdie of 1300, among others, Westerners promises a soundtrack as diverse and dynamic as its storytelling.

Having drawn parallels to Donald Glover’s acclaimed Atlanta, Westerners employs a surrealist comedy-drama lens to explore and question how diaspora youth perceive themselves and are perceived by others. This groundbreaking project, funded by Screen Australia and ABC’s ‘Fresh Blood 3’ initiative, stands as a testament to Australia’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing emerging comedic and acting talents.

Westerners invites audiences to reflect on the absurdities and challenges faced by young adults straddling two worlds, offering both laughter and insight into the diverse stories that exist in Australia.

Follow Westerners here for more and check out the first three episodes above.

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