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So, it has taken viewers over a decade to discover that, in the American Psycho film’s infamous business card scene there is a glaring typo on not one, but all four business cards shown. The word ‘Acquisitions’ is misspelt, as the filmmakers omitted the ‘c’ in this classic depiction of a passive-aggressive corporate dick-measuring contest. The error was shared on Twitter, after a user finally noticed it on a GIF in a BuzzFeed business article.

That no one discovered this earlier is questionable though, especially given that artist David Joseph Gall has had correctly spelled t-shirts and prints available for a while now. Personally I think that a film editor discovered the error years ago, and the person in charge of making the cards for the film was brutally murdered by an axe-wielding Bret Easton Ellis, livid that this may reflect poorly on his writing.

Matt Derody


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