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Weekly updates

It’s hitting Summer on the other side of the world now meaning colleges are emptying out for the break and most likely gearing up to party. The end of a college semester calls for some inspirational speeches to help prepare graduates for “the real world”. Oxford’s debate society past speakers have included Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama.

This semester pop-metal musician Andrew W.K. takes to the lectern with a talk about the philosophy of partying. At 35 years of age, W.K. struggled with depression growing up and argues that he dealt with it in a positive way of partying. Take what you want of that. No surprise than that his major label debuted anthems including, “Party Hard”, “I Get Wet” and “Party Til You Puke”. Hmm, posi vibes.

“I found that talking with people could be just as powerful of a way of connecting as music… I’m focused on one thing: Being me.”

 His first talk in 2006 lasted four hours so the man has a lot to say and perhaps, we’ve got a lot to learn.

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