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Sydney is notorious for being the home of many of the country’s most powerful, wealthy, and ambitious people, but apparently people aren’t happy there. According to a survey conducted by Sydney-based McCrindle Research, half of Sydney-siders surveyed said they were “concerned pessimists” and that life in Sydney was worse than five years ago and will become worse over the next five years.

Mostly people’s gripes are with everyday expenses and travel times, 73% of those surveyed nominated the cost of living as the biggest challenge of living in sydney, 59% said that housing costs are also a big challenge.

Other major issues revealed by the survey are traffic and commute times, jobs and employment, and pace and stress of life. The survey identified that 80% per cent of Sydneysiders believed that public transport, roads, hospitals and infrastructure improvements are keeping up with population while 47% per cent believe it is “nowhere near keeping up”.

Many of the impacts being felt in Sydney are due to the city’s increasing population although forecasts say that the population of Melbourne is set to continue its rapid increase and overtake Sydney’s population by around 2053, so we may soon be facing similar problems closer to home. But until then… we feel bad for you, son.


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