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Weekly updates

Good news, iPhone users! The next iOS update is currently in dev preview and is reportedly repping 300 new emojis including racially diverse variants of existing graphics.

Working on a press-and-hold system, you will be able to switch between the generic pasty faces to a skin tone of your choice or even the controversy-ducking classic yellow smiley shade. On top of this, family groupings are also much more varied which means your familial squad is bound to be included.

The iOS 8.3 beta 2 public trial period is expected to launch mid-March and along with the updates that address modern values, Apple have also addressed their modern products with a refurbishment of existing tech emojis to reflect their new product lines. Say goodbye to the thick wristwatch emoji, it’s going to be an Apple Watch now. I expect ones like the fax machine will probably remain the same (but you never know, bruh).

There’ll also be a new set of flags which means every poor sap I know will endure overtly-patriotic messages every. single. time. I get in touch with anyone ever for any reason.

If this news hasn’t got you excited, there’s another update coming (iOS 8.4) with a whole slew of rumoured new content including a new voice for Siri and Apple’s secretive music streaming service. To me, that’s more of a negative than a positive given my network service provider already has trouble giving me a fair data allowance and the space on my iPhone is severely limited by the OS memory-hogging presence but I’m going to be too busy playing with all my new Emojis to care.

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