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Baewatch: Bridget Blonde by Alysha Nett

The re-introduction of Bridget Blonde

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Baewatch regular Alysha Nett returns, once again, to our URL pages with another very special shoot. Taking another turn behind the lens this time, Alysha wanted to share the beautiful images and story of her good friends and fellow model Bridget Blonde, who recently underwent some cosmetic surgery, but probably not the kind you would normally expect. We wanted to know more about the story behind her first shoot since going under the knife, so we asked the model to let us on her decision and how it’s affected her so far.

“You may or may not know that breast implants usually have about a 10 year life span. Luckily mine were good to me much longer than that, but instead of replacing I decided to explant and lift. I was so young and impressionable when I had the surgery, I had no idea who I was or who I was going to be. Fast forward 12 years, I am a force to be reckoned with! Big boobs, small boobs, no boobs, scarred boobs, I knew I’d embrace whatever post-explant left me with.

Getting back in front of the camera is exciting and a little nerve racking because of pressure to hold up my bombshell sex symbol past. Even though now I feel more like myself, I am in the process of re-learning my body. Sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger before you’re ready and remind yourself you’re still that same fearless bombshell! I knew if anyone could push me first time around it would be my dear friend, Alysha.”

Check out the full series above and follow Bridget’s journey here.

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