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Weekly updates

More drama is set for your morning commute next week, Melbourne, as public transport workers across the tram and train network voted for industrial action next Friday, August 21. This will be the first public transport strike held since 1997.

The Rail, Train and Bus Union just wrapped up a meeting to confirm the move, with Union secretary Luba Grigorovitch saying the action was direction towards Metro Trains and Yarra Trams and would result in full network stoppages between 10am and 2pm on the day.

The Union and its workers, which covers 3000 PT employees, are fighting for a better pay deal and if an agreement can be made before next Friday, we might even be able to avoid the strike altogether.

The upside is, Myki barriers will remain open on Wednesday AND Friday—meaning there won’t be any ticket checks, and therefore infringements, issued on either day.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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