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You know what they say, to keep the kids off the street and away from Das Drogas, commission a burger restaurant to make an experimental video for you. Well, I assume that’s what someone told Mega Burger when they were trying to get them to sponsor this Brazilian PSA.With a definite infomercial flavour established early in the piece by way of plenty of convulsing and tripping over, and the aesthetic sensibility of a 16 year old’s Tumblr, Mega Burger certainly ran with the idea, producing what is probably the most relatable but easy to follow drug awareness campaign I’ve ever come across.

Thought you might sit down and treat to some heroin? Your funeral pal…Enjoying some crack were you? take those shades off and enjoy prison…

I don’t speak Portuguese but I can’t imagine how the clip’s narration could possibly take this one back from the edge. One thing I can guarantee is that I’ll be thinking twice next time I sneak to the bathroom to rack a fat line, I’m not about to get stuck on top of a building trying to look cool for you.

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