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The debate of a generation is currently raging on the internet after 6 ABC News in Philadelphia made the suggestion that the ‘praying hands’ emoji had been misinterpreted and in fact represented a ‘high-five.’ If this is not the most disturbing case of misreporting of all time, I don’t know what to tell you. Thankfully a crack-team of esteemed cyber-scholars have made it their mission to set things right in the face of this flagrant abuse of the journalistic platform, taking the station to task with a slew of well-considered evidence and thoughtfully formed argument.

These brave men and women of the internet have shared their findings in comment sections the world over, raising such considerable flaws in 6 ABC’s initial suggestion as:

“what kind of idiots wear the same colour long sleeved shirt when high fiving?”

“When you high five someone in a conventional manner—right hand to right hand—your respective thumbs end up on opposite sides”

“Praying makes no logical sense. If you believe that God has a plan for everything, isn’t it kind of arrogant to pray for something other than what he plan is? And if God doesn’t have a plan for everything, is it not still arrogant to feel your petty problems are worth your God’s time?”

I’m not so sure why someone posted that last one on a story about emojis either, but I hope they’re doing okay…

Also, it says pretty clearly on this emoji library that the character depicts a “PERSON WITH FOLDED HANDS.” So there.


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