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Weekly updates

I hate losing money. Mainly because I never really have much of it anyway, so losing even $2 hurts me bad. Therefore I cannot begin to imagine how IDIOTIC this dude must feel for potentially (literally) THROWING AWAY $8 million.

James Howells of Newport in south east Wales bought 7,500 bitcoin back in ’09 for pretty much nix (by today’s standards) and stored it on a hard-drive somewhere in his house, I assume for a rainy day. As always, life happens, Howells did a huge clean out, assumed he’d taken all he needed from this old hard-drive and it became ancient history.

The kicker came when he heard about that Norwegian dude who became an instant millionaire from his old bitcoin stash and decided to go searching through his computer files for his own collection. No dice. Upon realising his get-out-of-work-free pass had been trashed years ago, Howells tried the local landfill. No dice.

“The [tip] manager explained that things that were sent to landfill three or four months ago could be three to five feet deep,” Howells told BBC.

“The truth is I haven’t got the…ability to make that happen at the moment without a definite pay cheque at the end of it.”

Sorry bro. This would never have happened if he had just double check his shit. Or if he was a chronic hoarder.