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Weekly updates

So you’re a Star Wars fan? And you’re bored of walking everywhere like a lame human? Well, the eBay gods have answered your prayers, yet again. Well, not really, but there is an All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) Scout Walker prop up for grabs on the UK version of the site.

Touted as a “life-size” replica – which may, or may not, be true – this 16-foot AT-ST is promoted as a good money-spinner i.e. “hiring it out to promote business, night club promotions, conventions, events, photo shoots, parties etc!!!” And for the very affordable price tag of £9,800.00 (or approximately $15,700) why wouldn’t you wanna dip into your life savings for this no-brainer investment?

Check out some of the images above – if only for the other random Hollywood props these people have in their backyard (I could probably do with that Hulk statue, myself).