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When you think of a Fuccboi brand what brands come to mind? Supreme? BAPE? Comme des Garçons? Any Nike Jawdinz? Correct, you’re on-point. But though these brands are inherent to Fuccboi-ism, Fuccboi-ism isn’t inherent to the brands. These brands are streetwear luminaries so obviously killing it that droves of gotta-have-it youth can be seen wearing Concord lows, with Undefeated x BAPE sweatpants, and a white box-logo tee they acquired from a forum connection. These people are of the Fuccboi genus – the burgeoning #fashionkilla who flexes naivety and trend-loyalty in equal proportions. To quote another ACCLAIM writer they are those with “fake HBA on their shoulders and swag in their hearts” (the line between ‘Ye Stans and Fuccbois is blurry) and, just like any other sub-culture we can pigeon-hole we will continue to mock the shit out of them.

Leading the crusade in stunting on the kids to whom every item of clothing is a stunting piece, is the Twitter account @heprobafuccboiif. Who along with dishing out brutal shade has become a meeting place for everyone else stating that someone is prob a Fuccboi if they have more items from the Alexander Wang x H&M collection than they do dollars in their account. See the gallery above for a selection of @heprobafuccboiif’s best scathing tweets.

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