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The Simpsons and video games have long had a tentative relationship. Simpsons Wrestling, Road Rage, and more have consistently received mixed reception. However, the fictional video games that are featured inside Simpson episodes have always looked super entertaining. Just once, I wanted to know the joys of five minutes with Bonestorm and now, that reality is within reach.

An indie game developer who goes by the name Gumpyfunction’, has taken the liberty of creating three Simpsons-universe games that are now available and free to play via Gamejolt. We’re talking Kevin Costner’s Waterworld (season eight)Escape From Grandma’s House (season two), and Larry the Looter (season three)—simply click the hyperlinks to play.

“I put up my trilogy of fictional Simpsons games on gamejolt and would love for you guys to have a go. I spent about two years learning how to use game maker studio and these were the results,” Gumbyfunction wrote on Reddit, “each game is a recreation of a video game featured within the Simpsons universe. I always wanted to play some of them so I thought I’d just make them myself. Hope you enjoy them.”.

There are over 70 fictional video games featured with The Simpsons, and now we have three of them. My bet is these recreations will quickly trend with more fictional games to follow. Maybe we could get a Gamejam going to create as many as possible. For real, I would pay actual money for that.

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