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An adventurous cat, seeming to know that it has eight lives to spare, has decided to push it to the absolute limit in French Guiana by becoming the first feline to enjoy a flight on the wing of a microlight aircraft.

A video uploaded to YouTube–appropriately titled ‘Remove cat before flight’–shows the moment that the male pilot and his female passenger notice that they are carrying an unexpected extra, a black and white domestic cat, on their flight at an aviation training school in Kourou. While the pilot has to look twice at the cat to make sure he isn’t losing his mind, the cat looks surprisingly chilled considering its surroundings. Thankfully, all passengers landed safely after their short flight–the feline one step closer to achieving its aviation license.

The video has already amassed a crazy 3.5 million views in the two days it has been online and the cat, which was already the mascot of the club, has earned its stripes (and some frequent flyer points) in a grand fashion. You can take a look at the video in the photo gallery above.

Luke Karakas.


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