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Weekly updates

It’s Monday morning and my brain is still booting up for the week whilst coming down from the weekend that was. This is all I can handle right now. From Japan (of course) comes an oddly adorable trend called nekozushi, literally translated to cat sushi. The premise of this internet phenomenon is pretty simple – it’s a bunch of cute felines ‘dressed up’ as sushi.

Their website describes them as “non-edible, mystic creatures”, which means they’re basically unicorns and should be revered as such. Oh, and there’s also a mobile app, just in case you wanted a catalogue of sushi cats on the go.

I mean, what more do you really want? I love cats and sushi, and even though I’ve never really thought about them together, this nekozushi thing is a clear winner in my eyes. I’m sure there’s a pun in here about pussies or seafood or something but, like I said, it’s Monday. You can flick through the cute kitties in the gallery above.