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It seems that Australia’s brought out the fight in Childish Gambino, when during his Sydney show he went full ‘Control’, calling out Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and ScHoolboy Q.

Mid-freestyle he first claimed to be a level above Drake, saying:

“This n-gga think he Drake. Nah, I ain’t Drake – I sing better, I do better, my shit wetter.”

This isn’t the first time Gambino’s gone after his peers. From an interview with Complex:

“I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I do be going at people specifically… I think it’s kinda wack that rappers can’t take being talked about. I think it’s just so stupid – we’re grown men. So people don’t like you? Who cares. If everybody liked you, you’d be the Clay Aiken of Rap”.

But shots at Drake and Macklemore are a dime a dozen, and after Gambino gathered enough steam to let off he turned up and aimed at TDE’s most popular rappers:

“I’m the best rapper, definitely top five. I’ll cut their heads off, that’s every rapper living. That’s Kendrick, that’s Drake, that’s ScHoolboy. That’s everyone. I don’t give a fuck – I’ll kill n-ggas.”

Oosh. Standard beef for sure, but he’s definitely stepped outside of rap game Clay Aiken status.

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