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Weekly updates

Kanye West stays trying to beat the internet. As reported last week, the Coinye West team ignored the cease-and-desist that was issued and launched the website and cryptocurrency early. That particular website is now dead. But Coinye lives on…via a different domain name. However, this new operational site is definitely attempting to be more diplomatic and explicitly distances themselves from any involvement or ‘implication of endorsement’ by Yeezus.

It’s not all bad news for (the actual) West, though. The rapper’s legal team has been given the go-ahead by a New York judge to investigate the identities of Coinye West creators in order to finalise the lawsuit against them. As part of the trademark infringement lawsuit, Kanye’s reps called out all companies with alleged ties to the currency, including Amazon, in the quest to uncover the identities of the anonymous coders. And while the Coinye team are pretty good at keeping themselves under the radar, the authorities say there’s a good chance Yeezy will come out on top. Stay tuned for more updates.